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We are creating this site to share our journey into playing board games following a move to Redcar in the UK.

My wife and I have played board games for several years, but they tended to be mainly the widely known games we have all heard of and have played with family and friends. Shortly after our move, for various reasons, we tried a few games we found online that we had never heard of before. One of our struggles was finding games that worked well for just 2 players. We rarely play with anyone else, so whilst games are often advertised for 1-4, 5 or 6 players, we found that some didn’t play well with just two players.

So we decided that we would like to create a website that documents our journey, detailing the games we have found, those we love, and those that didn’t work so well, along with ratings, photos and links. Even at times, we will share small rule changes we have made that made the games better for us.

The plan is to have a page per game; the exact contents of each page aren’t quite clear at this point. Ideas we have are photos of the game we have taken, details of the game shared from Board Game Geek, brief information on what we think of the game, a rating, and any details we may have decided on for gameplay to make it work better for us. We also plan to publish the results of games we have played that we log for each gameplay on the Board Game Stats app, which is great for recording the details about the games you play.

It’s likely to take months to build the whole site, but you are more than welcome to come and visit whilst that happens and even provide feedback and ideas if you wish. We will shortly add a link where you can subscribe for updates, and we will send an occasional email when we have made any big changes or decisions.

Thank you for visiting and reading, and I hope as it grows, you enjoy our journey.