Games: Saturday 17th Feb 24

Mike Foston

Mike Foston

Games: Saturday 17th Feb 24

Castles of Burgundy - Special Edition, First Game

The first game today was Castles of Burgundy Special Edition. This was the first time we played with this newly purchased version of the game. We had only played the original version twice but despite really liking the game we found it a struggle to deal with all the small text and graphics on the tiles. This version over comes that problem with bigger tiles and clearer graphics and also printing in text what happens on the back of the tiles. This pretty much solves all of the problems we faced.

The game played really well although I got very frustrated in being 2nd to go in almost every round of the game and that’s 23 rounds. However it made me reconsider how to score points and in the end I ended up winning thanks only to the victory points gained through the monasteries.

Amazingly Close Carcassonne Game

We bought Carcassonne around 15+ years ago, but for one reason or another, we never even opened it, let alone played it. When we started our new interest in gaming last year, it was one of the first games we opened and played. We were amazed at how much we loved playing it, and it quickly became a firm favourite. We then found the latest Big Box version, which we bought, and slowly started to learn the various expansions and changes that brought. We haven't played many of them yet. We enjoy the base game, but we have added the tiles from the original game so they don't get wasted. We've also recently purchased two additional items to go with the game. The triple XL tiles storage holder made managing the tiles much easier, and we also bought some tile grids that allow you to lay the game out more quickly and move it, should the maps need that. We've included some photos below.

However the biggest highlight of today's game was the score between us, we both scored over 250 points, with just a single point between us at the end. Here's the final scoreboard, where I won by 252 points to 251 for Sam.

252 to 251

Railroad Ink - Blue Edition

I found someone selling a second-hand Collectors Edition of Railroad Ink that I didn't know existed until I saw the Facebook post. It arrived late this week, so we thought we would give it a try and use the Blue version. The Collector's edition contains the Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green versions of the game, with a number of expansions included. The expansions for the game are generally additional dice.

I'd previously only played this game online, on Board Game Arena. I have to say it's much easier to play online because you have to draw on the wipe-off cards. The pens supplied are a little too thick to do this nicely, so I may look for some easier pens to use that still allow you to wipe off; hopefully, Amazon will have some available.

Final Game Cards

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